Monday, December 21, 2009

Abundance is Real

It always seems to be the case that when one aspect of my life improves, other aspects suffer. In this case, my personal well being has greatly improved since I moved to Boston, while my personal finances have not. I am thankful to Marc and the universe for covering my monthly nut. Wow, am I ever lucky! Writing this just now, I realize what is in fact true. My desire was to be financially free. I am right now. Yes, I need to make money but my essentials are taken care of and I feel secure in a way that I never have before and for this I feel very grateful.

I was focusing on the lack that I am personally not creating, I want to focus on the abundance I have in my life. I want to create immense success, not just surviving as I have been for the past 2 decades. Thank you Marc and the Universe for such abundance in my life in all aspects, love, health, happiness and financial freedom. My energy is free to create wealth and success for myself, Marc and our family and grow our money chi.

Just as I have counseled countless people on the steps to financial success, I will follow them now and witness their power to transform our life. I will help us set up a personal financial/accounting system using Quicken for our personal affairs and Quickbooks for our businesses. Clearing out old files and making new ones and making an office space is one of my first tasks. You need to clear the clutter so you can see where you are starting from. A clear picture will take form and then you can design where you want to go, but you need to first know where you are starting from.

I will chronicle my success here in this blog. Then I will be better equipped to help others achieve the success they are seeking. I know how to survive, now I will learn to thrive!