As a CPA,  I am well versed in how to track, organize and analyze financial data but that knowledge didn't get me closer to financial prosperity until I understood my relationship with money.  With awareness,  I uncovered my unconscious beliefs and mindless habits that kept me from achieving the financial peace I desired.   

Eventually my consciousness increased and I began shifting my earnings, spending and living in alignment with my values which are to travel and spend time in France and Italy.  This led to the creation of Find Your Self in France a bespoke tour company, creating and guiding custom itineraries of Paris and the French countryside.  

I've since moved part time to the South of Italy where I offer financial freedom retreats and annual celebrate success vacations.

I am here to be your guide to Financial Freedom on your journey toward success.    For many,  its been a path of frustration, fear, overwhelm and confusion.  I'd like to gently lead you toward greater empowerment, confidence, clarity and prosperity. After all, that's the whole point of playing the money game, to grow your M-Ou-La-La!      

For more information on how I can help you organize your finances, start, launch or grow your business, contact me at 805-218-1277 or email me abccpa@sbcglobal.net
Me in Paris :)

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