Monday, June 07, 2021

CPA - Create Prosperity and Abundance, The Next Renaissance

I studied Economics at UCLA and found it to be outdated and irrelevant. I was bored to tears in Econ 101, but I persevered. I became a CPA because it was the logical thing to do with this useless degree. Thankfully, my career path has allowed me the freedom to live my life according to my values.

When I taught Entrepreneurship for Womens' Economic Ventures around 2006 leading up the economic crisis of 2008, I rewrote the pictures and graphs from my textbooks to redefine success in our world of growth and greed in favor of more sustainable measures and values. I hated terms like Burn Rate and Breakeven Point and I replaced them with Prosperity Point and RegenerRate. I helped hundreds of women and families achieve Prosperity and Abundance in spite of a failing economy. Then I changed the initials after my name from CPA to stand for Create Prosperity and Abundance. I was a Meta-CPA.
Now I'm embarking on a Masters Program in Regenerative Action. Well, Im committing to taking the first course which is called Doughnut Economics taught by Kate Raworth. I was so resistant at first, I thought I would be so bored, like I was in Econ 101 but now I understand why I was led to this course. It's the path for the Next Renaissance.
I highly recommend her book by the same name, even if you haven't studied economics before or think it holds absolutely nothing of interest for you. The fact is, economics pervades everything we do. Its dinosaur premises are the underlying structures and beliefs that have justified public policies that have been destroying our planet.
I think Doughnut Economics is one of the most important books for the these times of plague and destruction. It is the way toward the Next Renaissance..