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Do you always feel like there is never enough money?  Do you react fearfully when making financial decisions?  Are you not earning your potential?  When you are stressed, do you shop and blow your budget?
These are unconscious reactions to beliefs and patterns that you learned as a child.   Its not your fault, you are not to blame. 
Maybe you already did a lot of work on your life, your relationships, your health and your business and you have made many improvements in those areas but with money, the same patterns emerge, the same problems persist.   As a society, we don't talk about money, so how are we supposed to heal our money wounds?  Money often leaves a path of frustration, fear, overwhelm and confusion.  I'd like to gently lead you toward greater empowerment, confidence, clarity and financial freedom.
Imagine feeling empowered to make money decisions, having a clear picture of your financial situation, knowing what you want it to be and feeling confident about taking the right steps to get there.  
It's possible, let me tell you, I have worked out my money issues.  As a CPA,  I am well versed in how to track, organize and analyze financial data but that knowledge didn't get me closer to financial freedom until I realized the psychological and spiritual aspects of money.  With money coaching, I became aware of my unconscious beliefs and mindless habits that kept me from achieving the financial peace I desired.   Eventually my consciousness increased and  I began shifting my earnings, spending, savings, investing and contributing to live in alignment with my values.   I've made many mistakes along the way and its a never ending journey of learning but I now live my dream life part time in France, leading bespoke tours of the French countryside.  It is my desire to guide you toward financial freedom and living your dream life.  After all, that's the whole point of playing the money game, to grow your M-Ou-La-La!   And if going to France is one of your dreams, lets make it happen!     
The core process of Grow Your M-Ou-La-La includes 4 - one hour, one-on-one private sessions via Skype (or phone) with me.  At the end of the 4 sessions, you will have a clear understanding of your relationship with money and identify your conscious and unconscious money patterns and beliefs.   This awareness is the first step toward healing and prosperity.    We'll reframe your negative patterns and create new strategies for empowerment and living the life of your dreams.  
Subsequent modules will focus on different topics ranging from practical tools to help you organize, track and analyze  personal and business financial data, accountability to help you create good habits ensuring your results are in alignment with your values and spiritual and psychological aspects to make you a money magician!   Ongoing coaching and master mind groups are available to keep the conversation open around money and help keep you on track for living according to your values. 

Travel is a big part of my life and living my dream life part time in Italy.  Beginning in 2019, I am offering Financial Freedom retreats in my home in the South of Italy and annual Celebrate Success Trips throughout Italy.  Please send me an email if you would like more information: 

Here's what people have to say:
I learned so much just this morning! It wasn't your haha kind of fun but it was fun! Seeing myself through your eyes - the good and the bad and getting to know myself better and see the positives woven through the negatives is very powerful. Thank you!  - Carmen, Lifestyle and creativity coach, Bohemian Blend
Alecia has a great way of helping me see the underlying patterns of how I use and relate to money. I'm already feeling like this money thing is something I can get my arms around. I'm looking forward to more coaching sessions!  Tea, Marketing Coach, The Story Bistro
Alecia's exceptional knowledge and expertise in business planning and strategy has kept us focused and allowed us to significantly grow our business in a very short time.  Unlike many accountants, Alecia brings a calm and very approachable style that is open to questions and consultation.  Any business owner would be very fortunate to have Alecia on his or her side.  - Bruce and Robin Stone, owners Applied Perceptions LLC
Are you ready to Grow Your M-Ou-La-La?
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Alecia Caine

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