Sunday, April 05, 2020

Time To Grow Our Money Chi!

For those of us who are freelance or solopreneurs, we never get bailed out. Its always the banks, the financial institutions, the big corporations and their employees that get helped by the US government in times of disaster, like this. Do we independent workers have pensions to rely on? Do we think social security will be there for us when we retire? Retire? who said anything about retiring. We are not the kind who can be at a job for years and wait until we retire to play golf and take cruises when we are old. No, we live for today. We probably will never retire, we will strive and create for ourselves and our families until the day we die and we will travel and take time for what is important all throughout our life because that is what we value, our time is our freedom, not money. 

Money is a tool and yes we need an amount in order to live, but we dont hoard money, we probably don't save or invest as much as we would like but we know we will always have enough. We live in tune with what is. We are connected to nature and the universe and our needs are always provided for because we are grateful. We have tasted freedom and no bailout will tempt us away from that freedom because we live in the now, we live in the present moment and we take whatever risks we do to have that freedom of choice. 

We are innovative, we are resourceful, we are independent thinkers. We scare the shit out of everyone because we live just fine without the safety net that everyone else thinks they need. We know its an illusion, there really is no safety net anyway, for anyone.  We have fallen freely when there was no one to catch us and we landed on our feet, over and over again. We are the true survivors. We got this.

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